Faced with the crisis facing the world and our country, this past Monday, March 16, we have made - thinking about the health, safety and well-being of all our customers and employees - the very difficult decision to temporarily close our restaurants and, as well as recommended by MINSA and the National Government, stay home until this situation passes.


The magic of our restaurant begins with our Staff, who strive every day to serve you in the best way so that you always have an incredible experience at LA VESPA. Today, this great family is facing the situation with responsibility and with the force of love and positive energy that characterizes them.


That is why we have created the #Istayhome Gift Certificate, through which you, our distinguished client, can support us at this time by buying now (for your own use or to give to someone else) and you can use once we are all out of quarantine. ... Each certificate has a cost of $ 50 with a value of $ 55, they are valid in both locations and do not have an expiration date. The funds raised in this way will ensure that all of our 101 employees remain quiet at home, taking care of their families and that they are ready to return, recharged and victorious, as soon as possible.


Your support is very important.

Step 1

Make the payment by credit card and send the receipt to vistamare@lavespapanama.com along with the name of the beneficiary

Step 2

In maximum 48 hours you will receive by email the personalized certificate in .jpg format. At this time you can save it or send it to your beneficiary by mail or by WhatsApp.


Each certificate maintains a unique serial number and the restaurant maintains the list of all certificates; to redeem it, the beneficiary of the certificate can present it on the screen of their phone. These certificates do not have an expiration date.


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